Underwater Park

I won’t miss visiting this in the future.. Promise! It only proves how beautiful and magical our world to live. Hiking and diving? Why not? Green Lake is located in Styria Austria, yes! The beautiful Austria.

This place, at the foot of Hochshwab mountains is popular for hiking, or even a popular spot for picnic.However, during summer months when temperature rises, the ice covering most of the surrounding mountains begin to melt and submerged this place into the water as deep as 30 meters. Curious Scuba divers take this as an opportunity to wander under and explore the emerald crystal clear water! ( i am reaally having a thing about anything blue and emerald and water). Not so many flora and fauna though but seeing fishes swimming over the tree branches, road underwater and wooden benches where people usually sit whenever this mountain park is dry don’t you think it is amazing?

Photo credits to nextriptourism;viewweird.com






Let’s go Middle East

I know I know..maybe some of you arched an eyebrow or even say duhh!!Please please…there might be lot of people who I would say do not appreciate this territory not to mention the not so good news about this continent that we watch on tv but see it is worth a visit!

AL AINvasion

I have just moved in Al Ain UAE with my husband after years in long distance relationship.Right now this is our area of residence.I’ll just give you short description of Al Ain.It is a small city and part of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.From Abu Dhabi it will take you an hour and twenty minutes (approx) by car or if you will be coming from Dubai it might take you approx an hour to reach this garden city.

Our first stop of beauty

Green Mubazzarah

And you think all along that Middle East is all about deserts and camel?Think again!

Our usual Saturday breakfast led us into this wonderful picturesque.Vast,enormous park lies beneath the foot of the mountain of Jebel. If you are nature enthusiast and photography peeps this place is definitely for you.Just walk and stroll the area and be mesmerized by the it’s scenic beauty.You could bring your family and friends and have a bbq picnic or you could use a tent to camp overnight.

Chalets are for rent and I think at a reasonable price.Swimming pools are available for men and women,the natural hot spring is a must try experience.Mini train is available for children as well as food stalls in case you get hungry.